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Research project

Serious games, or games that have a primary purpose other than entertainment, offer unique possibilities for higher education. The research project “simulations and simulation games in tertiary education” investigates the use and efficacy of simulation games in universities. The project commenced in June 2014, will run until June 2016 and the aim is to develop several simulations and research the state of the art of simulation games in higher educations and its best practices. The primary aim is to gain valuable knowledge of the practical application and the embedding of simulation games throughout the diverse range of faculties of Utrecht University.

The project has several deliverables:

  1. Insight into the state of the art of using simulation games in tertiary education: what are the possibilities and limitations of using games as an educational tool, and what learning objectives can be realised with different types of games
  2. Making knowledge about simulation games available for teachers via a database: what are different types of simualtions, what is the availability of these games, and its relationship with specific learning objectives.
  3. Realising a transdisciplinary platform for simulations and simulation gaming within Utrecht University, which builds and sustains cooperation between disciplines,
  4. Building sustainable relationships with companies and other knowledge institutes for developing and using simulations and simulation games.
  5. Developing four prototypes of simulation games with which the possibilities and possible use of these games becomes visible.
  6. A feasibility study of the possibilities for developing and financing a simulationlab within Utrecht University.